Beginnings of a webmaster directory?

In the beginning …

Over 10 years+ back, I registered and created as my personal domain for getting and servicing website clients. Development of websites back then was quite ‘labour & learning’ intensive. Build a new website, be challenged with something new, learn from your mistakes, then do it again.

Since then, I have created a separate entity for my design/development/consulting business under a different name with moderate success, but the name ‘onlinejamm’ still stayed with me.

The Vision

Online – everything online, or on the internet, or on the web.

Jamm – a collaboration, a mashup of sorts for all great things.

A directory?

They’re dead aren’t they? Well maybe not. The days of putting together a directory was when the rules for SEO and the search engines were quite different and one could actually monetize and produce revenue (be it affiliate, ads or other) with their website.

The directory websites were put to rest for a few years since the introduction of WordPress and other open-source CMS systems for people to manage their websites.

Many hours, time and energy has been spent in to learning and creating WordPress websites … and the learning will not stop.

So why another directory? Will it work?

Who cares if it does work or not, I like lists – more better, updated lists.

I also like to send out lists to clients/developers or others as they are easy to follow.

There are a number of great webmaster/web-designer blogs out there who do a great job in creating the ‘top 10 list of this and that’ …. we’re not there.

Who is this website ( for?

Starting webmasters – yes, let’s use that term, as a web master must have insight in not just development, but also design and even hosting and damn email issues.

I will copy and paste this in to a blog posting as I really would like to expand more on this, but for now, OnlineJamm is to be a webmaster director of resources for all who like to learn and explore all things internet, web and design.

Your thoughts on this always insightful!